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* Dr P C Kakoty
* Dr S Joseph
* Dr S Virk
* Dr A R Menezes

Other Staff

Marie Hoyle - Business Manager
Julie Burton - Asst Practice Manager
Karen Shepherd - Senior Practice Nurse
Joanne Sadler - Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Lynda Woodcock - Practice Nurse
Kirtan Purohit - Medicines Specialist
Lesley Williams - Dementia Champion

Information Governance and MIG

The practice stores information on a computer to support medical care, prepare prescriptions, arrange appointments and recall patients for screening.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, we are obliged to keep your data confidential. Staff are required to treat your information in the strictest confidence. To ensure this happens we apply an Information Governance Policy.

We are also linked to the NHS spine which allows electronic data to be passed securely to pharmacists and hospitals. If you do not wish your data to be passed via this connection, please let us know and we will not allow your data to be transferred via this route – though please be aware this could take longer for hospital appointment booking

We are proposing to sign up to a new system which will allow health and social care professionals from outside the GP practice directly involved in your care to view the most up-to-date information about you . This allows the professionals caring for you to more fully understand your needs and means you only have to tell your history once.   You will be asked for your consent whenever a professional outside the GP practice wishes to view your record. If you do not wish your information to be shared in this way please let us know For further information please see these frequently asked questions MIG_Patient_FAQs[1] or read our privacy notice which gives full details of how we use and share your information Integrated Privacy Notice

Risk Profiling and Care Management

Privacy notice

Risk profiling is a new NHS service that will help your GP spot whether you might need early treatment or care.

 Your health information will be profiled in a local NHS data warehouse and the results will be seen only by your GP and health care professionals involved in your care pathway. 

 NHS security systems will protect the information from beginning to end.

 If you have any other concerns about the use of your information, please contact Marie Hoyle, Information Governance Lead 0345 122 0809  

All our online services can be accessed through this link: Online Services – ALL