My Best Life/Social Prescribing

MY BEST LIFE is a service for Barnsley and advisors working with people over 18 to connect them with local non-medical support.  

SOCIAL PRESCRIBING is a similar service to My Best Life and focus' on the age group 14-18 years and their families.

Advisors can visit you at home or wherever you feel most comfortable and they will work with you to put together an action plan that can help with such as:

  • improving mental wellbeing
  • managing physical health and symptoms
  • leading a healthier lifestyle
  • improving your home environment
  • getting involved in the local community
  • maximising your income and access benefits
  • help finding work, training and volunteering opportunities
  • loneliness
  • getting out and about
  • loss of confidence/purpose
  • poor health linked to housing or housing conditions
  • life changing events such as birth, retirement, bereavement

Alison Kelly is our representative and is based at Sheffield Road Surgery.  If you would like to be considered for referral to either service, please give Alison a call on 0345 122 0809 and she will ensure that these are passed on to the relevant advisor.



We continue to work alongside the new Children & Young People Social Prescribing Service (Link Works), funded through the PCN to work with customers aged 14-17 years. The service has now opened up referrals to Schools as well as GP’s and the age range lowered to 14. Each referral is assessed individually and support may be offered to younger individuals. If you have any queries about this service please contact the Team Leader: Care Coordinators will soon be in post at each GP Practice and will be key in identifying referrals to both Link Works and My Best Life.

NHS in England, funded by HEE - OUP medical content

Social Media Toolkit

High quality versions of this image, suitable for use on each platform, can be downloaded here.

Facebook template

“Over 130 titles from Oxford University Press are now available to the NHS in England, funded by Health Education England. Access now.”

Instagram template

“NHS in England, funded by Health Education England, has provided online access to over 130 medical titles from Oxford University Press to NHS staff and students on placement. Take a look.”

Tweet template

  • “NHS staff and students on placement have online access to a collection of over 130 medical titles from Oxford University Press, funded by Health Education England. Find out more.”

Social Media template library

  • “NHS staff and students on placement, check out the Emergencies In series from OUP. Each book in the series serves as a quick reference and practical guide to emergencies that occur in clinical practice.”
  • “Are you a front-line junior doctor, trainee, or nurse looking for rapid information in a compact, easily accessible format? Check out the Emergencies In series from Oxford for easy-to-follow guidelines, now available to NHS staff and students on placement.
  • “NHS staff and students on placement, you have access to Emergencies in Anaesthesia, the practical, accessible guide to all emergency situations encountered during, and immediately following, anaesthesia. This handbook will guide you through what to do and when, following the ABCDE emergency approach.
  • Find out more on how to help critical care staff identify patients at risk, manage them, and be prepared from the Emergencies in Critical Care handbook. Now available to NHS staff and students on placement.”
  • “NHS staff and students on placement, get practical and expert advice on all aspects of the nurse's role through the Oxford Handbooks in Nursing. Whether you are a student or a practicing nurse, you can get comprehensive and reliable guides to patient care, from initial assessment, to discharge and continuing care in this Handbook.
  • “Written by nurses, for nurses, the Oxford Handbook of Adult Nursing provides concise, practical, comprehensive, reliable, and expert advice on all aspects of the nurse's role. Designed as a guide for the care of adults, this new edition reflects on how nurses relate to patients, engage critically with professional knowledge, and organise and deliver appropriate nursing care and interventions. Now available to NHS staff and students on placement.
  • “Are you a CYP nurse? Deliver safe and effective care to achieve the best possible results for your patients. The Oxford Handbook of Children's and Young People's Nursing provides a concise and practical guide to all aspects of the CYP nurse's role. Now available to NHS staff and students on placement.
  • “NHS staff and students on placement, you now have access to Oxford Medical Handbooks, the market leading series of pocket handbooks from OUP. Written for a broad medical readership, these Handbooks benefit students, junior doctors and specialist trainees, as well as nurses, dentists, paramedics, and allied health professionals. Check it out here.
  • “Renowned for providing all the information needed for both practice and revision in a deceptively small package, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties guides readers through each of the specialties encountered in medical school and Foundation Programme rotations. Explore the series – now available to NHS staff and students on placement.
  • “Your library has access to Oxford Textbook of Medicine through the NHS. Explore the foremost international textbook of medicine, unrivalled in its coverage of the scientific aspects and clinical practice of internal medicine and its subspecialties. Find out more.
  • “Offering a global and comprehensive perspective on a wide range of public health needs and priorities in modern health care, the Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health is the ultimate resource on the subject of public health and epidemiology. Now available to NHS staff and students on placement.”
  • NHS staff and students on placement, check out our featured title of the month ‘The Oxford Textbook of Medicine’.” Tip – You can change this every month, details on the Instapage.

If you want more information or have a question regarding our social media toolkit, please contact



  • A message from Ellie Pate Communications and Marketing Manager BMBC – ‘There are lots of things you can do to help Barnsley residents, and your friends and family, stay well this winter. The cold weather can be seriously bad for health, especially if you’re under five or have a long-term health condition. Getting a flu vaccination, keeping the home heated to at least 18°C (65°F) and making changes to avoid falls will help people to stay well. There are local organisations and schemes that can support residents in Barnsley. Find out more at. Click ‘Read our warm homes flyer’ to find places to signpost and advice to pass onto residents’.
  • pandemic’s distancing measures mean that one of the most important ingredients of everyone’s mental
  • health has been dramatically reduced: being with other people. Your Creative Care Kit is full of ideas that can help you both look after yourself, and connect to others. Tuck into this jam-packed box of inspiration and get started!’.
  • Early in November it was ‘Talk Money Week’ and the Friends of Citizens Advice Barnsley were busy inviting as many people as possible to share conversations and information about managing money. Managing money worries helps us to feel better mentally and physically and contributes enormously to our overall wellbeing, and anyone with any questions or difficulties should contact their local Citizens Advice Service. If you would like to become a Friend, just sign up using the contact details in the newsletter (attached), to receive regular news and information.