syringeVaccinations and Immunisations

Flu Vaccinations:

If you are:

  • Over 65
  • Have asthma/COPD or lung disease
  • Have chronic heart disease
  • Have had a stroke/TIA
  • Have diabetes
  • Have a chronic kidney or liver disease
  • Are pregnant
  • Under 5 years old

then you are eligible for a flu vaccination without charge.  Flu is a serious illness and the flu vaccination is the best way to help prevent it.  Please protect yourself. 

Hepatitis B for Employees: 

GPs DO NOT provide an occupational health service as part of their NHS responsibility nor can they provide this service to people even if it is funded by the individual.  Unfortunately we cannot offer Hepatitis B vaccination.

Under Health & Safety Regulations, your employer has a duty to provide a safe working environment and, therefore, appropriate health advice for those at risk of infection with hepatitis B.

We advise you to contact your employer who will be able to make arrangements with an occupational health provider for the provision of any immunisation which you may require following an appropriate assessment of the risk to which you are exposed.  The following letter could be presented to your employer explaining their responsibility, please download and fill in your name to present to your employer.