Dementia Awareness

We are aiming to become a Dementia Friendly Practice to support both our Patients with Dementia and their Carers.  To do this, all our staff have had Dementia Awareness Training and we have identified an in-house Dementia Champion: Natalie Noble.

Natalie is the point of contact for our Patients with Dementia or Carers for People with Dementia who are registered with us.  She is the main contact for Dementia patient experience and will act as a link between our Practice and the Memory Team, Local Dementia Advisors and has awareness of a host of local Dementia support services.   Natalie can be contacted on 03451220809 or 03451220819.

You may wish to view the following clip, which shows how Dementia care can be: Jenny’s Story – Living with Dementia

Please also see Dementia Carers Website

Herbert Protocol

When a person goes missing, it is very distressing for family and friends and can be even more worrying when the missing person has Dementia. The Herbert Protocol is a simple risk reduction tool to help the police in their search for people with Dementia who go missing. It encourages carers or family members of adults living with dementia to collate information on those who are vulnerable on to the Herbert Protocol form, which can be given to the police if they go missing.

Please see the form below:

Herbert Protocol Form