Who Do I Need to See

Who Do I Need to See?






Annual reviews



Advance Nurse 

Learning disabilities, mental health, cancer care


Diabetes, COPD, Asthma, hypertension, smears

Health Care Assistant


Diabetes, Telederm, Hypertension


Refer to physiotherapy and pharmacy


Medication reviews

Health and Wellbeing Coach

Weight Management and Exercise Programme

Weight management related

Care Coordinator

Signposting to approapriate service/ team

Signposting to appropriate member of team

Physician associate

GP Assistant


First Contact Patient – Physiotherapy

First Contact Patient is a service available for patients to access a physiotherapist with specialist training to be able to see certain conditions. This will then proceed to refer onwards to other services or investigations if needed. With this service, this allows the patient to see a physiotherapist without a consultation from the GP/ANP, instead to speak to the receptionist who will refer. The table below presents the conditions of what the patient can and cannot be seen for:


You CAN see a physio for:

You CANNOT see a physio for:

ü  Any soft tissue injuries, sprain etc

ü  Arthritis of any joint

ü  Possible problems with muscle, ligaments, tendons, or bones e.g., tennis elbow

ü  Spinal pain, lower, mid-back, and neck. This also includes spinal-related pain in arms/legs such as pins and needles

ü  Changes to walking

ü  Post-orthopaedic surgery

Acutely unwell

Children under 16

Medical management of rheumatoid conditions

Women’s health, antenatal/postnatal problems

House-bound patients

Medication reviews

Neurological and respiratory conditions

Abdominal pain


Acute mental health crises

Patient who does not wish to be referred to see the FCP


 Health and Wellbeing Coach

To promote a healthier lifestyle, we have appointments available with Health and wellbeing coach on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Support is available to anyone with dietery/nutritional issues and Smoke Stop cessation programme.

Please see the following link for further advice on the Healthier Together (South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Initiative) 

Home :: Healthier Together (sybhealthiertogether.nhs.uk)

Pharmacy Referrals

Our receptionists can now refer patients who are aged over 1 years to the pharmacy of your choice for the following conditions:


Treatable Conditions for Pharmacy

Untreatable by Pharmacy


-Bee stings

-Wasp stings

-Stings with minor redness

-Stings with minor swelling

-Drowsy / fever

-Fast heart rate

-Sever swelling/cramp


-Cold sores



-Sore throat

-Flu-like symptoms

-Lasted +3 weeks

-Shortness of breath

-Chest pain

-Unable to swallow


-Blocked/runny nose

-Constant need to clear throat

-Excess mucus

-Hay fever

-Lasted +3 weeks

-Shortness of breath

-1 side obstruction

-Facial swelling





-Blocked ear

-Hearing problem


-Foreign body in ear canal


-Severe pain





-Dry, sore, red, irritable eyes


-Sticky, water or runny eyes

-Eyelid problems

-Severe pain

-1-sided pain

-Light sensitivity

-Reduced vision


-Constipation or diarrhoea

-Infant colic







-Lasted +6 weeks

-Patient +55 years

-Blood/weight loss


-Hay fever

-Sleep difficulties





-Vaginal discharge

-Vaginal itch/soreness


-Under 16/over 60

-Unexplained bleeding

-Pharmacy treatment not worked

-Had thrush x2 in the last 6 months


-Acute pain e.g. ankle


-Lower back/limb pain


-Severe/urgent/sudden onset conditions

-+3 week going condition

-Chest pain/radiating into shoulder

-Pharmacy treatment not worked



-Athlete’s foot/blisters

-Dermatitis/dry skin/rash


-Hair loss

-Oral thrush



--Skin dressings

-Severe/urgent conditions

-Condition for +3 weeks

-Pharmacy treatment not worked

-Skin lesions/blisters with discharge

-Diabetes related


-Cold sore blisters/ulcers

-Flu-like symptoms


-Sore mouth/throat

-Oral Thrush


-Lasted +10 days

-Swollen/painful gums

-Sore in mouth

-Unable to swallow

-Voice change


-Ankle/foot swelling

-Lower limb

-Wrist/hand/finger swelling


-Toe pain


-+3 week ongoing condition

-Discolouration of skin

-Pharmacy treatment not worked

-Recent travel abroad

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